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While aid in the form of food and shelter is essential to refugees and IDP’s, they also need to build a future – a secure future. We run training programmes which enable refugees to study and gain certification to help them find employment and have a future.



We distribute as much aid as we can to refugees and IDP’s in these areas and serve all minorities, Christians, Muslims and the Yazidis. No culture is excluded – we support all refugees no matter what their religion.

Educational & Cultural Centre (EACC) – The Training Centre for Refugee & IDP’s

In 2016 we acquired a dedicated building for refugee training. Refugees from Syria, Iran and Iraq have benefitted from the training and found work afterwards. We offer courses in:

Men´s hairdressing

To give the confidence and skills to cut and style men’s hair.

Women’s Hairdressing

Teaches the creative and practical skills to become a women’s hairdresser


For refugees to learn the basics of daily use of the English language.


To learn how to play an instrument and appreciate music.


The principles of electronic systems and how they work.


To repair and design clothing and fabric goods.


How to deal with serious traumas.

Basic computers

Covers all the important topics for using a computer.

Other centres are planned for the future to benefit more refugees.


To give refugee children the chance to run free and exercise their bodies and minds we offer them sports training, craft making, game playing and help them to read and write. Some refugees have never had the chance to just ‘be children’ and it’s our objective to encourage this.


This course teaches refugees how to rewire a house and work safely with electricity. It is taught by qualified UK professionals and leads to a practical and theory exam.


Distribution of food, bibles and books to Iraqi refugees who have fled IS. We work alongside churches and fellowships to provide aid to homeless people living in schools and camps.

Projects to be further developed include training which will allow refugees to find work and support themselves and their families. Trauma counselling is also offered, to assist refugees with coming to terms with what has happened to them.

The future for refugee & IDP’s

We have other projects planned, however funds are limited and we need your support to develop our refugee training programmes. Every little helps and we´d be grateful for whatever you can afford.

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As Hand of Help grows we intend to expand our location in other refugee camps and offer more training programmes and a wide range of skills to give.
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About Us

Hand of Help is a not-for-profit organization that assists Middle Eastern refugees and IDPs to set up and live the lives they deserve.

Our Courses

  • Men's hairdressing
  • Women’s hairdressing
  • English
  • Music
  • Electronics
  • Sewing
  • Trauma
  • Basic computers


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